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Now and Xen

Jan 17, 2020

Löis Lancaster is a microtonal performer and composer from Brazil who writes things in Bohlen-Pierce (and other tuning systems) all the time using Bohlen-Pierce guitar, bass, singers, and synths! He joins us on Now&Xen to talk about his influences, writing techniques, aesthetic ideas, and image.

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Intro: Maquiagem (BP) - Löis Lancaster

Lingua (12edo) - Caetano Veloso

Sintonia Do Ocidente (BP) - Löis Lancaster
Perfume Com Açúcar (BP) - Löis Lancaster

Nome Feito (BP) - Löis Lancaster

Abraço de Afogado (16edo) - Löis Lancaster

Tudo que você mais ama nessa vida (BP) - Löis Lancaster LIVE

Galactose Anamaura e Jobim (BP) - Löis Lancaster

Redondanças: planeta Nada (15edo) - Löis Lancaster

Money (12edo) - Pink Floyd

Paper Planes (12edo) - M.I.A.

Quote Unquote (Travolta) (12edo) - Mr. Bungle

Six Different Ways (12edo) - The Cure

Jacob’s Ladder (12edo) - RUSH

On Reflection (12edo) - Gentle Giant

Bola de Natal (16edo) - Christmas song (Löis Lancaster cover)

Free Man (12edo) - Screaming Headless Torsos

YYZ (12edo) - RUSH

Tom Sawyer (12edo) - RUSH

Corredor Polonês (12edo) - Patife Band

The Godfather (12edo) - Fantômas

LOUCO! Ela era seu mundo (BP) - (Löis Lancaster cover)

Suíte Asimov (BP) - Löis Lancaster (from NEW album!)

Esboço personificado para a elboração de noas religiōes (BP) - Löis Lancaster

Amigo Observador (15edo) - Löis Lancaster

Sunflower (7edo) - Vampire Weekend (Stephen Weigel cover)

Homem ao Mar (7edo) - Kassin (Löis Lancaster cover)

Sons of the Silent Age (BP) - David Bowie (Löis Lancaster cover)

Agora Não (53edo) - Löis Lancaster

Perfume Com Açúcar (BP) - Löis Lancaster

Outro: Pernostica Zazu em ‘Busca Dos Fatos’ (BP) - Löis Lancaster



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