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Feb 11, 2020

An in-depth look at the usability and selection of tunings in drum and bass music between these three giants! We talk a lot about the writing process and how microtonality has influenced that. What makes somebody want to use a microtonal tuning in their music in the first place, if not for weirdness? What do we think about listeners noticing tunings vs. what we notice as creators? What is so special about the “aura” and practicality of each particular tuning? Why use an EDO vs. JI? How do we go about the process of selecting tunings - is every tuning valid for musical use? Why do impressions matter more than abstract theory?


Intro: The Xen Garden - benyamind ft. Xotla [17edo]

The Mirror - benyamind [22edo]
Bahar Düşleri - Göksel Baktagir [makam]

Deepest Reaches - Xotla [19edo]

Two - Randy Winchester [15edo]

Scale of ‘Nar - benyamind [31edo]

Dirty Drummer - Sevish [22edo]

Interlude - Xotla [17edo]

So Thankful - Sevish [Blackwood[10]]

Chiral - Xotla [14edo]

Rive - Xotla [17edo]

All Pretends Diminished (intro) - Stephen Weigel [15edo]

Easley Blackwood - Twelve Microtonal Etudes (15 NOTES); keyboard arrangement Stephen Weigel

Fervour - Xotla [34edo]

pthex - Aphex Twin [microtonal]

JI intervals (from @manfish on Twitter)

Lorentz Force - Elaine Walker [17edo]

Love Particle - benyamind [31edo]

All ed3’s 5-50 (from 🎧👂🔜🖤💗📛🎲🎰🎮🥇🚴🌫👂👂💘) - Stephen Weigel

Desert Island Rain - Sevish [313edo]

Love Particle - benyamind [31edo]

Brusselator Sprouts - Xotla [13edo]

Lingardium Waveyosá - benyamind [BP]
Bohlen-Pierce with reinforced 2^n partials and manual vibrado (from 🎧👂🔜🖤💗📛🎲🎰🎮🥇🚴🌫👂👂💘) - Stephen Weigel

Buttered Cat Paradox - Xotla [9edo]

We are Earth - benyamind [31edo]

Dark Pillars - Xotla [22edo]

Enthalpic - Xotla [15edo]

Electric Seven - Brendan Byrnes [7edo]

Paint and Epistemology (demo) - Stephen Weigel [19edo]

Sean’s Bits - Sevish [13edo]

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Adam Neely cover [17edo]

Seeps - benyamind [22edo]

Spun - Andrew Heathwaite [37edo]
Balinese Ceremonial Music (Piano Transcriptions 1940) - Colin Mcphee [pelog]

The Xen Garden - benyamind ft. Xotla [17edo]

Outro: Patina - Xotla [17edo]






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