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Oct 31, 2019

This episode is a tribute to 22-tone equal temperament, since it has been such a special tuning in the microtonal community for quite some time! Yes, “Room Talks” is a parody of the famous “Room Tapes!” Hear Brendan Brynes talk about how he writes, Gareth Hearne talk about theory, Sevish talk about workflow, and Stephen and Thomas talk about metatunal music.

Music [all 22edo]

Intro: Paul Erlich - TIBIA (additional parts added by Jacob Barton)

Brendan Byrnes - IFS - Room Tapes

William Lynch - Triadic Superpyth Study in 22edo

Metaclown ♪♫ Xendustries - Follow the Leader #1 - XPSC 2015

Xolta - Dark Pillars

Sevish - Gleam

Benyamind - The Spirit Bird

Sevish - We Can't Be Blamed

Ivor Darreg - 22 tones per octave for Pan flute and strings - Detwelvulate!

Gareth Hearne - Trio in Superpyth Temperament for Irish Whistle, Cello, and Piano - XPSC 2015 Juhani Nuorvala - Impromptu (Pasi Eerikäinen, violin; Emil Holmström, harpsichord)

Cody Hallenbeck - Porcupine Walk

Hans Straub - Nocturne for two pianos

Christopher Bailey - Dreamlet

Cam Taylor - 12tone22edo Drama

Thomas Schuerich - Twenandoah (Shenandoah tag)

Stephen Weigel - Emancipate Pitch!
Kit Hagerstrom - Little Brother

Vito Sicurella - Disociety

Redrick Sultan - Recurring Mimosa

Cryptic Ruse - The Fall of the Satellites (Early Microtonal Works)

Outro: Brendan Byrnes - Blurry Vision (Room Tapes)