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Jul 31, 2020

Voice expert Amelia Huff and I talk about the harmonic series in an in-depth way! Memes, witchcraft, acoustics, production, human-voice aesthetics, and novendecimal scales are just some of the many topics we cover in this exciting conversation! In her music, Amelia uses the harmonic series in macro-harmonic systems whose notes’ frequency ratios share denominators, instead of scales built from tonality diamonds as is usually the case. Our harmonic series talk is particularly revelatory because of Amelia’s unique methodology, our dissection of unfair assumptions (inversional similarity, the limit as a measure of overall sound) and how we relate the harmonic series to a multiplicity of concepts such as speaker vibration. And seriously, you have to check out her music and Patreon, her work is positively gorgeous and beautiful.

Most of the episode is bonus content on our Patreon (storage was tight this month due to a file upload error last month), so here’s is the rest of it:   


Novemdeca [novemdecimal (19-limit) JI tuning] - Zhea Erose

Sola [31edo + Just] - Zhea Erose

Divinate [31edo] - Zhea Erose

Outro: Sola [31edo + Just] - Zhea Erose

Music from the BONUS content:

Glitterdance [31edo] - Zhea Erose

Pandelia [septendecimal (17-limit) JI tuning] - Zhea Erose

Outro: Prayer Room [31edo, 12edo, Just] - Zhea Erose

Amelia’s music and Patreon

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