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May 11, 2019

Brendan Byrnes joins Sevish and Stephen Weigel for a chill chat about all things microtonal music. Brendan composes and performs both solo and with his band Ilevens.


Important questions are answered, such as: Why do drummers prefer 12edo? What microtonalist almost moved in with Brendan? How might MIDI 2.0 make making microtonal music more manageable? Why is 22edo an excellent tuning for writing pop music? How did Ilevens get together? How do you make sure your band mates play the right microtones and not the wrong ones? How do you play trumpet over 7edo? For that matter how do you play 17edo with six 12edo guitars? What is microtonal music like for someone with perfect pitch? What is the microtonal scene like in LA? What microtonal tunings work best with distortion? And so on…


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Brendan Byrnes - Freeze Frame (exclusive demo from upcoming future release)

Sevish - Twisted Flax (from '23', included at Brendan's request) [23edo]

Brendan Byrnes - Light Tunnels (from Neutral Paradise) [22edo]

Brendan Byrnes - Paradise (from Neutral Paradise) [27edo]

Brendan Byrnes - Fever Swimmer (live in studio) (from Micropangaea) [17edo on six 12edo guitars]

Brendan Byrnes - Electric Seven (from Neutral Paradise) [7edo & 14edo]

Brendan Byrnes - Fever Swimmer (live in studio) (from Micropangaea) [17edo on six 12edo guitars]

Brendan Byrnes - Siolas (from Micropangaea) [just intonation]

Brendan Byrnes - Fluorescent Desert (from Micropangaea) [14edo & 15edo]

Brendan Byrnes - Zibra Island (from Micropangaea) [non-octave 12/7 based tuning]

Brendan Byrnes - Outside LA (from Neutral Paradise) [mixed intonation]

Brendan Byrnes - Blurry Vision (from Room Tapes) [22edo] [2012] [2017] [2019]


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Brendan mentioned Paul Erlich's paper on 22edo:


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