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Now and Xen

Dec 29, 2020

We dissect makam scales with Dr. Eric Ederer, using his fantastic instruments and deep knowledge of theory & praxis. Makam music uses a lot of different parameters to identify itself to its listeners, such as direction (seyir) and where the melody starts. There is a lot of analysis work that can be done in this field, especially in describing historically accurate modulation, and/or listing melodic tropes that indicate certain makams. Part of Dr. Ederer’s research involved recording how experts think about their own playing. We also talk about Just Intonation, the history of the oud, and “improvisation” (or not). Other amusements include the licc in Husseini, Pythagoras in general, and kings that brag about being able to bench press cattle as well as tune a lyre. 



Intro: Beyati Çiftetelli - Eric Ederer

Makam - Eric Ederer

Outro: Muwashshah Without Words #1 Bayyati Nawa - Eric Ederer


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This is the last public episode until my hiatus from Now&Xen. Thank you all for listening and supporting! I couldn’t have kept on making these without the incredible generosity and positivity that the microtonal community has thrown my way! 


-Stephen Weigel